Jayco Inc. announced a new partnership with Koni, a manufacturer of shock absorbers. Starting with its 2020 Class C motorhomes, which include Greyhawk, Greyhawk Prestige, and Esteem, Jayco will offer Koni FSD shock absorbers as part of its JRIDE and EZ-DRIVE Elite packages.

According to a press release, Koni produces high-performance shock absorbers for a variety of private and commercial vehicles around the world, including trucks, buses, military vehicles, street and racing cars, high speed trains, and of course, recreational vehicles.

Its FSD shock absorbers (FSD stands for Frequency Selective Damper) have a special valve designed to filter out vibrations, reducing road noise while increasing comfort and stability, especially on uneven road surfaces

“We have always put a lot of emphasis on our ride and handling packages” said Ryan Eash, director of product development for the Jayco Motorhome Group. “We are always looking for ways to improve and what we get with KONI is a perfect blend of comfort and control that elevates the ride to the next level.”

The Koni FSD shocks will be exclusive to Jayco and Entegra Coach-branded Ford E450 Class C motorhomes, which should prove to be a good fit for drivers seeking extra comfort and more responsive suspension.