Jayco Inc. has restructured its management so certain executives are strictly responsible for towables while others are responsible for motorhomes, exclusively, according to Derald Bontrager, president and COO.
During his welcoming address to the Jayco dealers gathered in South Bend, Ind., Monday (July 15) for the company’s international dealer meeting, Bontrager said, “I have heard concern that our efforts in Class A motorhomes are taking something away from our towables efforts. While I don’t believe this has been the case, we now have dedicated management teams for both motorized and towables. This will ensure that all products receive the attention they deserve.”
Jayco entered the Class A motorhome competition in 2001 after years of being primarily a manufacturer of towables along with Class C motorhomes.
The management changes to which Bontrager referred include the following:
• Dave Yoder has taken the new position of general manager of motorized operations. “With Dave Yoder taking the new position, we truly have dedicated more expertise than ever to take that operation to new heights,” Bontrager told the gathering. “As a result of that change, our managers in the towable operation will focus only on towables.”
• Phil Geise recently was named vice president of operations with responsibility for all of Jayco’s towables divisions including production, purchasing, order management, grounds and facilities management and materials management.
• Akos Sefscik now is director of motorized engineering.
• Marc West now is the director of towable engineering.
However, Jim Stover, senior vice president, will have involvement in both motorhomes and towables. He will oversee all motorized operations except for sales. Meanwhile, towables product engineering, quality assurance and the aftermarket service area also will be among Stover’s responsibilities.
Additionally, Jayco has discontinued operating its Jay-parr aftermarket parts distribution business as a “stand alone profit center,” Bontrager said. Jay-parr was renamed Jayco Service Parts and Bontrager added, “We will no longer attempt to stock and sell non-Jayco aftermarket parts. I am confident that with this renewed focus, and under the capable leadership of Pat Lee, you will begin to see more positive results.”