Jayco SkylarkWith a dry weight of 2,950 pounds, Jayco Inc.’s new V-nose, ultra-lightweight Skylark travel trailer is designed to be towed by most cars, SUVs and light trucks. The single-axle 2011 Skylark is available in one 22-foot floorplan. ”Our goal was to build the longest, lightest unit we could on a single axle,” said Paul Gardner, director of product development for the Middlebury, Ind., manufacturer, during the recent Louisville Show. ”We brought a lot of technology from Europe.” The air conditioner in the 2011 Skylark has been moved to the floorline to create a lower center of gravity to improve towability. Euro-style dual-pane acrylic windows are equipped with integrated roller blinds. Sidewalls are laminated to Azdel SuperLite composite to reduce weight. Base MSRP: $23,143.