Backhoe begins demolition of original Johnnie Walker RV building

Backhoe demolishes of original Johnnie Walker RV building

Johnnie Walker RV (JWRV) recently marked its 52nd year of operation with the April 8 opening of a new flagship “Camping Lodge” in the same location where the dealership’s original facility once stood.

According to a press release, employees of the Las Vegas-based company and its founder and namesake, John L. “Johnnie” Walker, stood witness to the demolition of the original building that he and his father assembled in 1963. Emotions ran high for employees, family and friends, as they watched Johnnie Walker, his son and JWRV President John “West” Walker, and grandson and Marketing Director Michael Walker take part in the historic demolition event.

Giving the momentous occasion a visual to remember, Johnnie Walker made the first blow to the original building with the backhoe, kicking off a month of celebratory festivities and sales events.

“With the demolition of our original sales building, the grand opening celebration with our friends and family, and the upcoming “RV Extravaganza Sale,” it has been a month of transformation and celebration for us,” said Michael Walker. “We are unbelievably proud of our history and honored by the support the Las Vegas community has given to us throughout the years.”

As of April 8, the new state-of-the-art “Camping Lodge” is operational and capable of serving local and out-of-state RV enthusiasts in every aspect of RV sales, service and repair, and parts. For more information on Johnnie Walker RV, please visit JWRV.com. To view demolition day photos, click here.