bannerlogoCustom motorhome chassis designer Jones & Son Chassis Inc., Union Gap, Wash., has entered into an exclusive agreement with SSC Green Inc. of West Richland, Wash., to integrate SSC Green’s All Electric Scalable Powertrain (AESP) to produce a hybrid motorhome chassis platform, according to a news release.

After a year of meeting with several companies and researching various entities in the electric vehicle drivetrain industry, “SSC Green’s AESP proved to be the only solution to meet the demanding specifications and capabilities of our motorhome chassis,” according to the release.

Jones & Son Chassis design specification requires a 500-mile range motorhome that must achieve 150 miles on battery pack, and then switch over to “hybrid mode” for an additional 350 miles. During hybrid mode, the onboard generator will charge the battery pack. SSC Green’s controller will easily charge the battery pack overnight with 50-amp/220-volt standard campground electrical service.

Jones believes SSC Green is the solution for supplying cost effective, reliable hybrid powertrain technology for the motorhome market.

SSC Green is a subsidiary of Shelby SuperCars, the producer of the Ultimate Aero, the “World’s Fastest Production Car.”