Jumping Jack trailer converts to camper

Jumping Jack trailer converts to camper

Jumping Jack Trailers, a Salt Lake City builder in operation for over 14 years targeting the hunting and outdoor markets, will mark its debut in the RV industry during the upcoming Elkhart County RV Open House event in northern Indiana.

“The product is a veteran. We are ready. Our timing is right. The economy is great and this is a product that is so cross-platform. It’s a camper, a toy hauler and a utility trailer,” a company spokesperson stated in a press release. “There is nothing else like it on the market today and the best part about it is it’s under $7,000 retail, making it affordable for most families.”

The original series comes in a 6-foot-by-8-foot utility size, 6-foot-by-12-foot midsize and 6-foot-by-17-foot jumbo size. The campers provide the ability to carry ATVs or motorcycles on top, sleep between four and six in the smallest sizes, and transform from trailer to tent in five minutes.

“It has a 3,500-pound axle and can accommodate all kinds of toys,” the release stated. “This product has some tremendous options including a water source, cooking source and lighting sources that really turn this into a full-blown family camper.”

The company emerged out of the 2008 downturn and witnessed the RV business “come back with a vengeance.” As a result, Jumping Jack determined it could establish a foothold in the RV marketplace.

“We have seen in the last 30 days a large number of dealers jump on board already, not only to secure the product line but their territory prior to dealer days,” the release stated. “At the end of the day, we have maintained 25 points of margin for dealers. Something that sells as inexpensive as this normally sees 10-12 points of margin, but we have made the dealer happy and the buying public happy.”

Freight is not a major issue for dealers as the product nests in stacks of three and ships 12 units to a load and leaves a fairly small footprint on a dealer’s lot.

Jumping Jack Trailers will be showing product at a display along Executive Parkway at the Open House. For more information about the product, visit http://www.jumpingjacktrailers.com/index.php.