Although wholesale deliveries were down during June, retail sales of both motorhomes and towables were higher, according to Statistical Surveys Inc., an independent market research firm.

Retail sales of motorhomes increased 3.9% in June to 6,567 units, compared with 6,318 units sold a year earlier.

Meanwhile, wholesale deliveries of motorhomes were down 20.3% in June to 5,100 units, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).

However, the higher motorhome retail sales volume during June did not offset lower retail sales in April and May, according to the Statistical Surveys data.

Retail sales of motorhomes were down 6.3% during the crucial second quarter and were down 1% during the first half of this year, Statistical Surveys reported.

There were 17,184 motorhomes sold during the second quarter of this year, compared with 18,342 units retailed during the April-through-June period of 1999.

During the first half of this year, there were 30,528 motorhomes sold, compared with 30,823 units retailed during the first half of 1999.

In comparison, wholesale shipments of motorhomes were down 5.1% during the first half of this year to 35,300 units, the RVIA reported.

Concerning towable RVs, retail sales increased 4.6% in June to 29,002 units, compared with 27,722 units sold during June 1999, Statistical Surveys reported.

During the second quarter, retail sales of towables were up 2.4% to 76,043 units, compared with 74,288 units retailed a year earlier.

Towable sales were up 5.9% during the first half of this year to 116,218 units, compared with 109,784 units retailed during the first half of last year.

In comparison, wholesale deliveries of towables declined 4% in June to 21,600 units, but towable shipments were up 4.4% during the first half of this year to 138,800 units, the RVIA reported.