visitgorvingsmallThe Go RVing market expansion campaign is sparking high consumer interest this summer, even as travel demand remains “seriously depressed and challenged,” according to the U.S. Travel Association.

Over 290,000 people visited GoRVing.com during the month of June, making it the best month for the website since last July, according to a news release.  The number of Go RVing visitors has jumped 17% since May, when this year’s Go RVing cable TV and Internet ad buys began.

In total, over 1 million consumers have visited GoRVing.com so far this year.

Between June 10 and July 10, roughly 10,000 new consumer leads were collected by Go RVing as web visitors registered to view the getting-started video segments posted on the site.  Since Jan. 1, some 43,000 Go RVing leads have been made available to RV manufacturers, dealers and campgrounds who participate in the program.  Just over a fourth of these leads say they are very likely to visit a show or dealer within a year; 39% say they are somewhat likely to do so – roughly the same proportions as last year.

“These results show that Go RVing is successfully maintaining RV interest and demand despite the continued economic challenges,” said Gary LaBella, RVIA vice president and chief marketing officer. “The belt-tightening being done by so many families is actually boosting interest in RV camping. Our retooled ads and website, emphasizing the savings RVers enjoy and the great deals available now, are ideal for the times. 

“The industry is reaping the benefits of keeping the campaign going to the greatest extent possible, as growing numbers of consumers respond.”

In recent summer weeks, Go RVing spots have aired on such popular cable shows as The Food Network’s Iron Chef America; Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel; TLC’s What Not to Wear and Jon & Kate Plus 8; AngelCharmedLaw & Order and Bones on TNT; and various weather programming on The Weather Channel includingWeekend ViewYour Weather TodayPM Edition, and Why Weather Changed History.  Go RVing’s special buy on the National Geographic Channel premiere of America’s Wild Spaces, including a specially produced RV travel vignette, begins July 20 at 8 PM Eastern.

“Go Affordably, Go RVing” print ads have appeared recently in AARP the MagazineArthur Frommer’s Budget TravelBetter Homes & GardensCoastal LivingFamily CircleNational Geographic Adventure and National Geographic Travel.

 The U.S. Travel Association expects domestic leisure travel to decline 2.2% overall this summer, while 55% of RV owners intend to use their RVs more, according to RVIA’s Campfire Canvass survey. “RV travelers are bucking the downward trend because they save so much money on their trips,” said LaBella.  “That’s the message we’re communicating in our advertising and public relations – and it’s being heard.”