Step into some of the RV trailers at the Mid-America RV Show in Kansas City this year, and it’s bound to feel more like you’re stepping into a residence. In fact Shawn Wiegers, sales manager for Liberty RV in Liberty, expects to hear more people than usual say, “This is nicer than our home.”

According to a report by the Kansas City Star, that “wow factor” is what RV manufacturers are hoping for. The show opened Thursday (Jan. 16) and runs through Sunday.

“So many of these trailers have gone to residential furniture,” said Shawn Wiegers, sales manager for Liberty RV in Liberty. They have also gone to full-size refrigerators, wood cabinets and soffit lighting. There’s even theater seating in some.

“That gives you that ‘I’m at home feeling’ even while you’re vacationing with your family,” Wiegers said. “That has gone over really well with our customers.”

And you can see what the industry has been up to at Bartle Hall through Sunday. The Mid-America RV Show began Thursday afternoon in downtown Kansas City.

More than 300 RVs are on display, said Mark Boggess, president of media and events for GS Media & Events.

“The RV manufacturers over the years have changed, and they are building coaches for the consumer’s lifestyle,” Boggess said. “Whether your a weekend warrior with the kids and family or whether you’re a tailgater or whether you hunt and fish or whether you’re a NASCAR enthusiast, they are building new RVs to satisfy those lifestyles.”

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