A delicate heart necklace found in the charred remains of the Keller Marine & RV warehouse days after the March 22, 2013, fire destroyed millions of dollars of property in Port Trevorton, Pa., helped buoy faith and commitment in the rebuild effort.

“Finding that gave us hope. God was here,” said Lori Morrow, co-owner of Keller Marine & RV, a distributor of aftermarket parts and accessories.

The Sunbury Daily Item reported that the necklace was a gift employee Barry Master worked extra hours to purchase for his wife and was keeping in his desk in the office until their 40th wedding anniversary in May.

Master shrugged off Morrow’s suggestion that he store the gift in the company safe, a decision he regretted when he received a call while on vacation that the main building had burned to the ground.

Three days later, a volunteer helping remove the debris spotted a damaged gift box containing the necklace in the rubble. Only the chain was slightly tarnished.

Morrow and her brother, co-owner Mike Keller, say their faith in God and community has been amply rewarded following the four-alarm fire that leveled the 22,000-square-foot office and warehouse and caused $5.5 million in damage.

Rebuilding has taken nearly two years and there’s still more work to be done, including improving distribution processes and erecting a new company sign, but last fall employees moved into the new, larger warehouse and office space.

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