Kenyon International Inc. has introduced the IntelliKEN Touch grill, allowing users to set an exact temperature up to 550oF with simple touch controls built into the grill. 

Each grill is virtually flameless and smokeless, making it safe for indoor or outdoor use. Consumers can use the portable models to easily transport their grill from the house, to the RV, and the campground. There is also a built-in model for upgrading an RV with its own grilling space, seamlessly designed into your camper’s kitchen.

According to a press release, the company also now offers a new grilling resource, available in the Alexa Skills Store for Amazon devices. Consumers with enabled devices can activate this skill, Kenyon Kitchen, to receive cookout advice from Alexa through simple voice commands.

 “At Kenyon, we are always looking for ways to make grilling easier for consumers, and now cooking questions are answered on-command and control is at the fingertips of each griller,” said Phil Williams, president at Kenyon International. “As a company dedicated to innovation, we hope our latest updates in technology will make grilling more intuitive and enjoyable than ever before.”

Some of Kenyon’s most popular electric grills, including the Floridian, SilKEN Grill and Texan Grill, are now available with IntelliKEN touch capabilities. The new grill line offers 16 exclusive heat settings and features a wide temperature range between 150 to 550 

“Our company focuses on improving the cookout experience,” continued Williams. “When people choose Kenyon, we want them to feel like they are using quality products built by a team that knows what it takes to grill a delicious meal from start to finish.”