Justin Jude, president of Keystone Automotive Operations Inc., issued a statement this afternoon (Oct. 7) to RVBUSINESS.com concerning its acquisition of Atlanta-based distributor Stag-Parkway Inc.

“LKQ Corp.’s subsidiary Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. and it’s NTP Distribution business is pleased to announce that it has acquired Stag-Parkway, a distributor of specialty parts in the recreational vehicle market in the U.S. and Canada,” said Jude in the statement. “We look forward to welcoming Stag-Parkway’s customers, employees and suppliers to Keystone Automotive. Customers will receive many benefits from this combination as a result of Keystone’s and NTP’s extensive distribution network and depth of inventory.”

Jude noted that the combination will allow suppliers to reach a broader audience for their products and employees to be part of a fast growing business with numerous opportunities.

Other details, including the terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Keystone Automotive Operations is a wholly owned subsidiary of LKQ Corp.