Keystone RV Co.’s Hornet brand outperformed all other brands in its class to  post double-digit market share gain with increases of 15.6% through  February and 11.1% through March, according to Keystone, citing a  recent  Statistical  Surveys Inc. retail market report. “Hornet’s goal is to give  dealers  a conventionally constructed travel trailer with an  exterior and  interior  appearance that looks and feels like an expensive laminated trailer, all at  an aggressive price,” said Chris Hermon, left, Hornet general manager. In  order to  deliver a product that excites the retail buyer, he said, Hornet  focused  on  several key areas. The new Hornet is roomier inside with taller  ceilings (84 inches), larger windows and 25% larger  overhead cabinets. The  Mega-Slide  system, a Hornet exclusive, expands the dining and living room  area and offers many  features the retail sales person and customer can get  excited about. The  exterior of the Hornet has also been completely  redesigned. Hornet product manager Jeff Wagner, right, described it as  “sharp and cutting edge.” Says Wagner, “Customers love the way it looks  because it is sleek and aerodynamic and stands apart from the crowd.”