Keystone Montana announced a new partnership with Cortni Armstrong — known on Instagram as “The Flipping Nomad” — to place more focus on the brand’s growing customer base of working age, full-time RVers. (To view a video go the “RV Industry Videos” section on the RVBUSINESS.com home page.)

“We’re excited by this next generation of experience-seeking professionals and families. These new segments of Montana buyers aren’t bound by the historic conventions of home and career,” said Montana Product Manager Mark Krol in a press release. “Cortni is someone who not only transformed her life through tiny living and RVing, she is helping other people come into the lifestyle via her business.”

The “Flipping Nomad” has been doing custom renovations for clients since 2015. “As I was building my business, I realized that I only wanted to work with RVs that had good bones and that were built right,” said Armstrong. “All roads lead to Keystone, but specifically to the Keystone Montana. As a result of that, I now exclusively renovate Montanas.”

The partnership will dig into modern nomadic communities to ensure the brand is meeting their needs as well as Montana’s ultra-loyal older owners.

The shift in the RV traveling demographics provides Krol and his team with a new point of view, “Our longtime customers have shown how appealing life on the road can be. I love that their younger counterparts aren’t waiting until they are sixty or seventy to embrace the adventure that the lifestyle offers.”