Left to right: Megan McGlothern (Tacoma RV), Rob Johnson (Tacoma RV), Bernie Silvas (Tacoma RV),Taz Verjeee-Van (Tacoma RV), LaDonna Meadows (Tacoma RV), Brian Parkhurst (Keystone RV), Crystal Kummerfeldt (Tacoma RV), Petra Patterson(Tacoma RV), Heidi Jones (Tacoma RV),Stephanie Sheppard (Tacoma RV)

Keystone RV Co. reached an industry milestone with the production of its 150,000 Cougar towable RVs, solidifying its position as one of the all-time best selling models. 

According to a press release, Keystone selected Tacoma RV of Fife, Wash., as the recipient of the 150,000 unit. Cougar’s largest single location dealership, Tacoma RV has individually retailed nearly 3,000 Cougars since taking on the brand in 2003.

“Year in and year out Cougar has been the mainstay of our dealership,” says LaDonna Meadows, owner of Tacoma RV. “With half-ton Cougar fifth-wheels, half-ton Cougar travel trailers, and full-sized Cougar fifth-wheels we can reach over 85% of our potential customers. No other single brand can deliver this kind of market coverage.”

Product Manager Matt Christensen noted, “We feel we have the best dealer body in the industry and we take advantage of their market knowledge to help drive the direction of Cougar. In addition, many of our customers are repeat Cougar buyers, starting with our smaller half-ton trailers and moving up to a Cougar fifth-wheel. They know what they want and enthusiastically share their preferences with us. We take the input from both our dealers and owners in determining features, appearance and price of the Cougar.” 

Late in 2017 Cougar upgraded the entire line to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The brand continues to lead the market with new floorplans like the 368MBI mid-bunk with loft and convenience-focused technology like Level Up auto leveling and the newly launched iN-Command with Global Connect RV automation system.