The Keystone RV Co., a subsidiary of Thor Industries Inc., will break ground in a few days on a new, 73,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Goshen, Ind., Keystone President Ron Fenech said today (Aug. 27).
Production likely will begin in the new facility in January in what will be the sixth new plant built by Keystone in the last two years.
Keystone is undertaking the project because it believes the order backlogs for its Sprinter and Springdale models are too long and the new plant allow the company to do a better job keeping up with demand.
Keystone has another purpose in mind for the new facility.
Fenech said Keystone wants to “get even more focused on the ramp SUT sport utility trailer market and this plant will allow us to do some unique design work to help us get a strong position in this growing market.”
“As our sales continue to grow, we still have a few products with unreasonable lead times and we want to address this,” Fenech said. “Dealers need product availability in their season and we need this capacity to make that happen.”
Keystone’s sales revenue is up 21% year to date and its unit volume also is up in the 20% range, Fenech said.Currently, Keystone operates 14 plants in the Goshen area and one in Oregon.