Keystone’s Cougar division was awarded a U.S. patent (No. 7,500,690B2) for the invention of Hitch Vision, the proprietary system that enables the tow vehicle driver to use the rearview mirror to see where the fifth-wheel hitch is relative to the pin box without having to turn around in the seat. Hitch Vision greatly increases the ease and comfort of hitching up to the fifth-wheel trailer, according to a news release from the Goshen, Ind.-based manufacturer. The Cougar team received the confirmation along with congratulations from Keystone Executive Vice President and COO Bob Martin, second from right. Said Martin, “It took the hard work of many people to earn this patent. I congratulate the Cougar team on this accomplishment. Hitch Vision has become a trademark of Cougar and is integral in the brand’s becoming the No. 1 selling laminated travel trailer and fifth-wheel in North America.” Cougar general manager and pacougar-hitch-vision1tent co-holder Chris Hermon, second from left, credits Hitch Vision with helping Cougar break out from the pack. According to Hermon, “The Cougar Hitch Vision coupled with the front docking lights give Cougar a streamlined automotive styling unmatched in the industry. This innovation has become an overnight sensation and dramatically increased Cougar sales.” Jeff Runels, right, Cougar product manager ,says the division continuously seeks innovation as the key to keeping Cougar No. 1 in retail sales of laminated travel trailers and fifth-wheels. With them is Jeff Snyder, engineer and patent co-holder.