Keystone RV Co.’s ultra-light Hobbi SURV travel trailer, designed to appeal to sportsmen and hobbyists, features distinctive painted high-gloss black, red and silver aluminum sidewalls devoid of fancy graphics. “This type of sports enthusiast likes their trailer to match their vehicle,” said Don Clark, executive vice president of sales, as the Hobbi made its debut last week at the 43rd Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. “Or they like to put decals or their favorite race car driver’s numbers on them.” Available in four 18- to 26-foot floorplans with a retail base price of $16,500, the widebody Hobbi features a radius one-piece fiberglass front cap. “There are no rivets. It’s all smooth, very aerodynamic,” said Clark, noting that the Hobbi’s free-standing furniture can either be folded against the wall or removed depending on need. A low-angle ramp that allows large motorcycles to be loaded without bottoming out doubles as the rear door.