KING Tailgater satellite antenna

KING Tailgater satellite antenna

KING is introducing two new automatic satellite TV antennas for use with DISH and DIRECTV satellite services to “take better advantage of sales volume derived from its portable satellite antennas while offering improved ROI for its dealer and distributor partners.”

The Bloomington, Minn.-based company reported in a press release that the new, second-generation KING Tailgater for DISH (Model VQ4500) and KING Quest for DIRECTV (Model VQ4100) are designed for use as either a portable or a roof-mounted satellite system.

“In recent years, the demand for mobile satellite antennas has shifted significantly toward portable systems due, in large part, to lower price points,” said Craig Bartyzal, vice president of sales for KING. “While portables do offer greater flexibility, many RV owners still want the convenience of a permanently mounted antenna that does not require additional setup when arriving at their campsite.” 

The cost difference between a portable and roof mounted antenna along with the added installation fee for a permanent, roof mounted installation has led many RV owners towards the portable option within the past few years. 

“We believe these new antennas provide an affordable option for both,” said Bartyzal. “By combining power and data over the coaxial cable we’ve reduced the complexity of the installation and the required labor time to install.”

At just 8 pounds and 13 1/2 inches high, the new KING Tailgater and Quest antennas are smaller and lighter than any previous models yet provide improved signal reception. The sleek, new aerodynamic shape is the result of significant effort put into the industrial design. 

“We worked with a team of industrial design engineers to optimize signal reception, aerodynamics, manufacturability and the overall user experience” said Craig Miller, president of KING. “Making the antenna smaller while improving signal reception capabilities was no small task, but we completely redesigned the antenna, optics and chassis to achieve this. We also integrated the mounting feet to allow for roof mount installation without the need or expense of additional mounting hardware.”

Like the first-generation Tailgater antenna introduced in 2011, the second-generation KING Tailgater works exclusively with DISH’s pay-TV service. The new antenna delivers more installation choices to DISH customers, who can choose to permanently install it on a RV rooftop or use it portably. It is compatible with DISH’s current model ViP211z mobile HD receiver, as well as legacy receiver models 411, ViP211 and ViP211k.

Once powered on, customers use a DISH remote control to select the state in which they are traveling. The KING Tailgater will then scan to automatically locate three DISH satellites, delivering access to HD channels in just minutes.

The KING Quest antenna works with DIRECTV SD programming with the option of adding a controller accessory (purchased separately) to make the system compatible with DISH HD and BELL TV services as well. The KING Quest is the only automatic RV satellite antenna of its kind to offer a coaxial only cable connection without the need for an external power or data cable when used with DIRECTV service. 

The KING Tailgater model VQ4500 antenna has a suggested retail price of $379 and the KING Quest has a suggested retail price of $549. The company will begin shipping the new antennas in early April.