Custom motorhome builder Kingsley Coach Inc. announced today (Oct. 29) that the company will be establishing a short-term motorhome rental and leasing subsidiary in order to “help increase revenue streams.”
In a press release, Kingsley stated: “After considerable due diligence and deliberation, Kingsley has found a need to focus its business on the short-term rental of Kingsley custom coaches, as well as motorhomes made by other manufacturers.”
Kinglsey said that the RV rental market was healthy and that the decline in sales of new motorhomes could spur further growth.
“Custom motorhomes like those Kingsley sells on a commercial chassis, combined with new technology and amenities, are in significant demand,” said Allan Smethers, CEO of the Zimmerman, Minn.–based company. “It is believed that by offering rental options to our customers, we can provide a wide array of Kingsley coaches to a broader base of RV buyers.”