The new Kinro Inc. plant in Pendleton, Ore., is located next door — literally a hop, skip and a jump away — to a major customer, Keystone RV Co., according to KEPR-TV, Pasco, Wash.

There are several reasons why the maker of windows and doors for RV chose the cozy place next to Keystone.

“Pendleton has the perfect mixture of good transportation from the freeway, a good labor force and it puts us in a good position to be able to attract new businesses and it’s working,” said Pendleton economic “guru” Tracy Bosen.

That’s all and good for the city, but Kinro’s reason was the most important one — bringing home the bread.

“Good small town with good folks. It’s around some of our larger accounts. We moved from California and about 70% of our business is up here and in Idaho,” said Marvin Givens, Kinro vice president.

So far the plant has been very active in hiring locals. The staff right now is settling in at 90. However, nearly 70 of those are new hires from the Pendleton area, and not holdovers from Kinro’s stay in the Golden State.

“Everyone seems positive, and we’ve put about 90 people on staff. The training program is difficult when you have this many people. I think they’re all pretty happy. We pay a good wage and offer a lot of overtime,” said Givens.

That pay is about $13 an hour, and the new workers certainly don’t mind the overtime.