Kirkland RV Sales logoFor RV owners looking to sell a vehicle, or for prospective RV owners looking to buy, determining the value of an RV can be a difficult and complicated task. In Kirkland RV’s latest posting in their consumer-outreach series, the new and used RV dealership in Everett, Wash., reveals a tool to help owners and buyers determine an RV’s value.

Kirkland RV begins by discussing the NADA, or National Automobile Dealers Association. The posting states that NADA launched a website in 1998 with, “values, tools, products and services to assists automotive, marine, powersports, recreation vehicles, and manufactured housing shoppers during their research and decision making process,” according to a press release from the dealership.

What does this mean for prospective RV buyers and sellers? A special NADA RV pricing guide is a tool that gives consumers the ability to enter the make, model, and year of their RV to find its marketable value.

This special NADA tool is particularly helpful for RV owners looking to sell their vehicle. Without having to guess at a price range or needing to worry about setting the wrong price, RV owners can simply enter their vehicle’s information and get a proper price range.

For buyers considering several different RVs, this tool can also help them to find the ideal vehicle. All buyers must do is input their information into the NADA’s pricing guide. The posting states, “After all the information is inputted, NADA guides will provide the suggested list price, and the low and average retail price of the RV.”

The posting gives further clarification about the tool and its features.