Motorized lineup of Knaus Tabbert

Motorized lineup of Knaus Tabbert

The former Hungarian unit of German motorhome maker Knaus Tabbert is filling its first order for a Russian partner, according to the Budapest (Hungary) Business Journal.

Knaus Tabbert has made the first five vehicles of a 50-unit order for the Russian partner, according to Jozsek Botka managing director.

Production at Hungary’s Knaus Tabbert shut down in September after its parent company went bankrupt. In January, it was acquired by Dutch investment group HTP, which loaned the company money and bought part of ts debts from a Hungarian and an Austrian commercial bank. Around the same time, it cut staff from 270 to 130.

Knaus Tabbert is renting its plant from its former owner, but is in talks to purchase it, Botka said.

Knaus Tabbert finished the business year ended July 31 with losses of  730 million Hungarian Forints (about $3.95 million in U.S. dollars), but it expects to rack up further losses of about  150 million Hungarian Forints ($810,000 U.S. dollars) by the end of the calendar year, he said. In 2010, when the company’s business year will be the same as the calendar year, Knaus Tabbert expects to break even.

 The company is now making two motorhomes and three camper trailers a day, but it will start making a daily three motorhomes and two camper trailers from January, Botka said.