Knaus TabbertKnaus Tabbert GmbH, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of motorhomes and towable RVs, signed a multiyear contract with its long-time partner Kroken Gruppen AS to establish the basis for expansion in Norway. At the same time the company in Jandelsbrunn, Lower Bavaria, successfully entered into a long-term partnership with the Italian agent Guglielmo Zorzi to push its activities on the Italian market.

According to a press release, the contract with the Norwegian Kroken Gruppen AS specifies the rules for cooperation until model year 2019 and laid the foundations for further development. The target of the manufacturer was to improve on the 25% market share of motorhomes it already owns.

“For more than 20 years we have closely, successfully and trustfully cooperated with Kroken and with the persons in charge there. Both partners therefore truly wished to no longer only fix the commercial elements of cooperation, but especially the strategic component of this liaison in such a long-term agreement,” said Wolfgang Speck, chairman of the Knaus Tabbert GmbH management, describing the result of talks in Norway and Jandelsbrunn.

Gerd Adamietzki and Werner Vaterl, both managing directors of Knaus Tabbert GmbH, summarized the plan, while revealing there was a new Class A Sun i motorhome in the works. “The result of the many workshops with Kroken helped us define a very clear schedule for the future model policy in Scandinavia. The Knaus tandem-axle model Sun i, which will be available in Scandinavia in model year 2016 – starting from October 2015 – is only one of the first results of this intensive cooperation.”

For the Italian market Knaus Tabbert GmbH achieved an equally successful coup. With the agent Guglielmo Zorzi the company contracted an experienced and networked trading partner for the Italian market.  Under this long-term contract all the motorhomes and camper vans of the Knaus, Tabbert, Weinsberg and [email protected] group brands in the future will be exclusively distributed through Zorzi.

“We appreciate Guglielmo Zorzi both as a man and as an experienced and reliable business partner who knows and understands the Italian market better than anybody else. We therefore didn’t have to think twice when he approached us with a wish for an exclusive partnership,” Adamietzki was pleased to say.