Knaus-Tabbert Eurostar

Knaus Tabbert Eurostar

With a bit of inspiration from the slick, yacht-inspired Caravisio concept camper revealed in 2013, Knaus Tabbert has developed an all-new version of its Eurostar flagship caravan. Gizmag reported that while the “motorhome in a caravan” has lost a bit of the flash and feature of the Carivisio, the Eurostar is a real camper born from the same forward-looking vision: comfortable, adaptable interior, the latest in construction technology, and a touch of “yacht for the road” feel.

Wild concept cars are standard fare at auto shows, and often we get to see those cars move from crazy, experimental stage models to toned-down, mass market-ready commuter vehicles. It’s rarer to see that type of evolution in the motorhome and caravan market, but the Caravisio-to-Eurostar journey provides an interesting parallel to the auto world.

Knaus debuted the Caravisio design study at the 2013 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, where the “caravan of the future” was put forth as a vision for attracting new faces into the fading ranks of caravanning. Knaus didn’t seem to have even the slightest production intentions at the time, but as automakers often say of concept cars, the Caravisio attracted so much attention and praise that Knaus couldn’t ignore it … or at least parts of it.

“The public interest that we achieved with this project exceeded even our highest expectations”, Swen Dluzak, Knaus/Weinsberg head of product and brand management, explained earlier this year. “The numerous positive responses for us were a confirmation that with this study we had hit the nail on the head.”

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