Kampgrounds of America (KOA) plans to offer high-speed wireless Internet access to customers at 100 of its 500 campground by the end of this year.
KOA will offer the high-speed wireless Internet access, known as WiFi, through a partnership with HOTSPOTZZ, a provider of wireless Internet “hot spots.”
Customers of KOA Konnect, KOA’s new high-speed dial-up Internet ISP, will have free access to the HOTSPOTZZ network both from KOA campgrounds, and from all HOTSPOTZZ locations nationwide.
“Our research shows that more than a quarter of our campers travel with their computers and many more than that want e-mail access while on the road,” said Jim Rogers, KOA’s president and CEO. “The partnership of Kampgrounds of America and HOTSPOTZZ is a perfect solution for campers who want to stay connected.”