trailblazer_interior13Thor Industries Inc. subsidiary Komfort Corp., based in Clackamas, Ore., has added 16 new dealerships and delivered initial products to them this spring. “Our redesigned Trailblazer ‘Residence Edition’ product (shown at left) has been a huge hit with prospective dealers from Southern California and Arizona to Western Canada,” said Jerry Sell, sales manager. The Residence Edition travel trailer features color-coordinated fabrics and strategically placed colored wall panels to reflect the current two-tone wall themes popular in homes, he said. All Trailblazer products feature aluminum-framed sidewalls and gelcoat fiberglass exteriors, aluminum alloy wheels, power awnings, living room skylights and many other amenities. “The look is definitely high end and is dramatically different from the traditional look of a travel trailer,” said John Attila, Komfort president and originator of the Residence Edition interior. “We have also expanded this unique look into an entry-level fiberglass product called the Trailblazer LE.  The dealer response has been overwhelming,” he said. Sell anticipates adding 10 new dealers in the coming weeks. MSRP on the regular Trailblazer is $21,000 and $17,800 for the LE.