The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada (RVDA) announced its latest endorsement partnership with KYCS Global Inc. According to a press release, KYCS is a provider of Bluetooth asset protection, recovery and community safety technologies through its comprehensive national network.

“Our mission is to protect Canadian RV dealers. We take the selection of our endorsement partners very seriously. They must bring real solutions to us that will provide Canadian RV and trailer dealers and their end customers, real, viable and lasting benefits,” said Herb Cowen, RVDA chairman, in a press release. “We encourage RVDA dealers to consider the benefits of leveraging the KYCS solution to mitigate theft liability, control inventory and become an active part of this growing Canadian community safety network.”

KYCS offers long range Bluetooth identification technology that aids in the recovery of stolen or missing high value assets, such as RVs and trailers. The company’s flagship solution includes Bluetooth devices (KYCS Pro & GLOBAL iFind) sold exclusively at dealerships. With seamless installation, the KYCS Pro/GLOBAL iFind device is covertly hidden in RVs & trailers and paired with the free KYCS smartphone app. Participating dealers get a KYCS Zone installed at the dealership which helps to enhance the network.

Any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone with the downloaded KYCS app, instantly becomes part of the KYCS asset recovery and community safety network. The KYCS app creates a community of anonymous users powered by community partners and KYCS Bluetooth device owners. Participating RVDA dealers and KYCS users can also take advantage of a direct link to report any crime directly to Crime Stoppers, which is integrated into the app. KYCS Global works very closely with Crime Stoppers in an evolving partnership.

“RV & trailer theft is a growing concern that costs dealers, insurers and RV/trailer owners large amounts of money and stress,” says Jason Lyall, VP Special Markets, KYCS Global Inc. “We have created various sales models with existing RVDA members and this endorsement will help raise awareness about our program for dealers. Our hope is that through this relationship with the RVDA, we can work towards decreasing the incidence of RV & trailer theft, as well as help dealers better manage inventory.” adds Lyall.

RVDA of Canada dealers have been showing strong interest in the KYCS solution as an easily sellable value add item to complement their added value offerings. Comments in the early going suggest dealers are welcoming of the value to consumers; participation in the wider community safety network; increased potential revenues; and are eager to know more about the KYCS IC inventory management functionality.

“The RVDA is excited about this new endorsement and we expect a very positive net benefit not only for RVDA dealers of Canada and RVers, but to the communities in which they enjoy this wonderful past time,” says Cowen.