Lippert Components Inc. (LCI) announced that KZ Recreational Vehicles is adopting LCI’s OneControl technology across select 2020 brands. Certain functions, such as tank levels, battery levels, slideouts, auto-leveling systems, awnings, and lighting will be controlled with LCI’s OneControl technology through a specially branded version of OneControl, KZ Engage. According to a press release, the KZ Engage mobile application will include a new interface for 2020 brand models.

KZ will offer LCI’s OneControl technology on 2020 Sportsmen, Durango Half-Ton, Durango, Durango Gold, Venom V-Series, and Venom fifth-wheel brand units. Additionally, 2020 Durango Gold and Venom brands will have dimmable lighting zones and HVAC controls, which will be fully functional via a mobile device with the use of LCI’s OneControl ConnectAnywhere Prep.

“With today’s RV consumers eager for smart RV technology, we have made KZ Engage a standard feature in our fifth-wheel brands,” said Brent Froman, General Manager at KZ RV. “The KZ Engage app allows owners to control certain functions of their RVs with their mobile devices, and also allows them to receive custom notifications and monitor the health of their RVs. This new technology is becoming more important to our consumers, and we are thrilled to provide our owners with this enhanced camping experience, because at KZ Recreational Vehicles, we want our owners to Go.Camp.Live.”

“We’re excited to partner with KZ RV to integrate this technology into their 2020 lineup. It’s not just about controlling the RV – it’s about the ability to connect with retail customers in a meaningful way. This is the first step in creating a truly differentiated customer experience through the use of smart technology,” said Brent Hamood, product manager at LCI.

For more information, visit www.lci1.com/onecontrol