KZ Recreational Vehicles unveiled a new look Monday (Sept. 23) during the first day of the Elkhart RV Open House. Officials said the new logo and tagline — “Go. Camp. Live.” — are designed to elevate the company’s awareness among consumers.

“We’ve been putting a lot of effort into taking KZ to the next level over the past five years and we wanted to make sure that our image matched what we were producing,” KZ President Aram Koltookian told RVBUSINESS.com. “So for the past two years we’ve been working with an outside marketing company to help us get to dealers, get to customers, and get to our employees and find out the ‘essence’ of KZ. What do people think of KZ? One word kept coming back and back and back, and that word was ‘craftsmanship.’ So we really wanted to just take that to the next level and kind of bring us up to a more modern look or more modern feel that talks about how bold and progressive we’re becoming.”

Koltookian said all too often when KZ employees were at consumer RV shows, people didn’t always know about the manufacturer.

“Even though we’ve been in business since 1972, people didn’t really associate the name KZ with a longstanding RV company,” he said. “Then we’d say, ‘Well, how about looking at this Sportsmen?’ Then everybody would say, ‘Oh yeah, my parents owned a Sportsmen.’ So, really, what we’re trying to do is get that KZ name out there and make sure that people understand who KZ is, that we’ve been around since 1972, and that we’re going to be here for a lot longer.”

The new logo features a forward-leaning font to signify KZ as a leading RV manufacturer that’s always on the move, Koltookian explained. Likewise, he said the logo’s forest green and matte gold colors resemble the national parks and invoke the outdoors.

“You see a lot of people choose colors that are just bold and in your face. But what do they have to do with camping? For us, it’s all about being in the outdoors and being that company that wants to help people ‘get out there’ — which is represented in our tagline: ‘Go. Camp. Live.’ We wanted something that was so simple that it really just embodied who we are. Just go camping and enjoy life, and we want to provide you an RV that makes it easy for you to get out there,” he said.

“KZ has been a great company since 1972,” Koltookian continued, “and we’re always going to be a great company. We’ve got a great management team and great workers and a great work ethic, and we’re going to continue to strive to do that. We’ve expanded our customer service department to take care of our dealers and our retail customers. We expanded our sales department. We expanded our marketing department. We don’t always have to be the quiet manufacturer, but we’d also don’t want to go out there and be the noisiest either. We just want to make sure that we’re the company that people think of.”