An Arizona city is battling La Mesa RV Center, trying to prevent the dealership from holding an RV show at a county park.
According to the Mohave Daily News, Bullhead City filed an injunction while La Mesa was setting up for the show, originally scheduled to run Jan. 5 through Jan. 25. The retailer in turn filed a temporary restraining order and the case was heard in Superior Court last week.
The crux of the argument centers around whether Mohave County or Bullhead City has jurisdiction on zoning issues at the park.
Phoenix attorney David Barton argued for La Mesa RV in Superior Court, claiming the county’s ordinance overruled the city’s ordinance. Barton also said La Mesa RV invested a lot of time and money for the show, including spending about $14,000 in advertising and $15,000 for a non-refundable permit fee.
Bullhead City attorney Kent Foree countered that the city not the county had the right to oversee zoning violations, citing an ordinance prohibiting commercial events on public land.
The city also claims La Mesa is in violation of another city ordinance, prohibiting a company from having a sales event within 60 days of a previous event. The paper reported that La Mesa held an RV show in November.