Police jurors in Louisiana’s Calcasieu Parish listened to a new proposal brought on by the increase of industrial projects headed to the lake area, according to a report by KPLC TV.

“We noticed in 2013 that there was a pretty big rise of recreational vehicle parks that came to the police jury for rezoning and we just felt like it was time for us to look at that and see if we needed to have tougher standards,” said Assistant Director of Advanced Planning and Grants Jennifer Wallace.

Some of the new proposed standards range from the size of the lots for RV spaces to the number of RVs that can be within a spot and different standards for rural and suburban areas.

Currently, recreational vehicles and manufactured home parks fall under the same zoning classification. But the potential new standards could change that.

“Now it’s going to require a separate zoning classification so if you want to have an RV park, we’ll zone it to an RV park versus a mobile home park,” said Director of Planning and Development Wes Crain.

But for those already established, parish officials said it’s no change.

“If you already have your park zoned RMHP and that was done years ago and it has RVs and manufactured homes then you will be allowed to continue” said Crain.

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