St. Martin Parish, La., is about to become home to 30 dinosaurs, including a life-size T-Rex and a brachiosaur taller than a three-story house, the Lafayette Advertiser reported.

Their new owner, Lee Venable, insisted the dinosaurs’ dimensions and skin be scientifically accurate when they were created in a Philippines factory. They are now on cargo ships headed to America and destined to become residents of Prehistoic Park, a $400,000 attraction Venable is building on 14 acres of forest near Henderson, just off Interstate 10.

Recent rain slowed construction near Henderson a bit, but Venable still plans to open this May. Prehistoric Park represents the first phase in an entertainment complex Venable plans to build on 80 acres he owns adjacent to his RV park.

Eventually, attractions will include go-kart tracks, a man-made slow river about one mile long for tubing and rafting, a lake, a small stripmall of stores plus cabin and apartment rentals that he said will be ideal for young professionals and oil workers working in the area temporarily as well as vacationers.

A former Lafayette residential developer, Venable owns the 335-vehicle Cajun Palms RV Resort near Henderson and hundreds of rental properties across Acadiana.

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