Manitoba-based Classic Trailers believes in the ‘no pressure’ approach when it comes to dealing with customers, according to a report by the Westman Journal.

“We don’t have an on-site business manager,” said Jeff Pinnell of Classic. “We find it a little easier. It’s less pressure. You’re not being ‘put in the box’ – that kind of idea. We feel that people are more comfortable, which is very important to us.  We let them take time to look around and find what fits their family’s needs.”

It’s that type of salesmanship that allowed the company to grow. After recent success in Headingley and seasonally in Grand Beach, the dealer has made its way to the Wheat City. Classic Trailers officially opened it doors last July with a 10,000-square-foot indoor showroom, which can fit up to eight trailers at one time.

“It’s a fantastic place,” Pinnell said. We have a good mix of different trailers in there and it’s always warm and comfortable – no rain, no snow, no mosquitos.”

The selection of makes and models at Classic include the Bullet Ultra Lite, which is one of Canada’s best-selling ultra light trailers. Other makes and models include the Premier, which boasts a gourmet kitchen with a large island, as well as the Salem, which is great for moving the family around with all the comforts of home.

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