RV Park owners in Lake County, Ill., are balking at strict new site regulations set up by the County Board.

The new regulations require 50-foot setbacks on all sides of an RV park. Owners must put fences 25 feet in from the property line and landscape the neighbor’s side of the fence. The regulations also prohibit the parks from operating between Nov. 1 and March 31.

The closure requirement was included because campground opponents believe some RVers live year-round in the facilities and, as a result, do not pay property taxes.

“I would lose half my site,” says Pat Diebold, whose Parrot’s Cove Resort currently has 28 spaces. “We are being driven out of business.”

County officials maintain that the parks are operating illegally under current law by not receiving proper county and state permits and licenses, and if the new regulations were not passed, the county would have to shut down all but five of them.

Park owners assert that they have complied with existing laws and say they have “no intention” of allowing the regulations to hinder their operations.

Some campground owners also believe county officials want to drive them out of business so campground land could be cleared and made available for the construction of luxury condominiums, which means the county, located north of Chicago, could collect more property tax revenue.