lance logoLance Camper Mfg. Corp. announced that it released a new short video series called “Discovering The Lance Difference.”

Bob Rogers, director of marketing, said, “When I started at Lance I attended the sales training class taught by our National Sales Manager, Gary Conley. I quickly realized that the majority of what sets us apart and makes Lance different from the competition is the level of standard features we provide as well as the materials and methods used during construction. Many of these features you are unable to see with the naked eye.”

The target audience for the video series is the retail salesperson, but customers in the shopping phase of the purchase cycle should find them useful as well. Each video is relatively short, from two to four minutes, and highlights one feature of a given unit. In each segment the company gives not only a description of a feature, but also the advantages and associated benefits the customer will enjoy along with each feature.

Rogers said, “We have become such a visually oriented society with video, especially short video, being the most desired media utilized by most every customer demographic, regardless of age.”

The goal, the company said, is to add yet another layer to the sales training done at the factory as well as on the dealers’ lots by Lance’s regional sales managers while also delivering valuable and easily digestible information to customers who are in the market for a new RV.

The “Discover The Lance Difference – A Video Series” is posted to Lance’s Facebook page, YouTube channel and to the “Lance Dealer Network” dealer portal.