Lance truck camper interior

Lance truck camper interior

Today, Lance announced 50-plus standard and optional feature enhancements to its segment leading truck camper products.

“Thanks to outstanding product and the dealers to represent and support them, our truck camper lineup enjoys a 42% market share nationally. This year’s enhancements will help grow this number even higher,” stated Director of Marketing Bob Rogers.

Most notable on the list are three all new designer décor packages. They include stainless steel appliances, planked wood flooring, new counter and table top designs, residential styled sink (most models) with high rise pull out faucet, new window treatment design as well as new Euro-inspired cabinet door and dinette drawer hardware.

The 1172 model also receives a new kick-out/jack-knife sofa design and a entertainment center design.

“We are very proud of our truck camper line up and are constantly making customer-driven improvements in both form and function,” said Randy Hunter, manager of research and design.

On the exterior, key enhancements include a new molded TPO front cap for the 825 & 865 models, a solar panel option for the very popular new 650 model and new 28-inch LCD TV’s.

Gary Conley added, “This year’s enhancements continue to make a great truck camper even better. The new decors are stunning but I’m also proud of the multitude of smaller less visible enhancements we have made this year like the new park/satellite cable access door and many others that make the camping experience more enjoyable.”