So, what’s the hitch?

The answer to that perennial question parks this week at the International Exposition Center beginning Wednesday (Jan. 6).

Located near Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, the I-X Center celebrates a different mode of transportation, taking off with the 34th Annual Great Lakes Recreation Vehicle Association’s Ohio RV Supershow, according to The Morning Journal, Lorain, Ohio.

Replete with Airstreams and Winnebagos and more, the nation’s biggest indoor recreational vehicle show hitches visitors up with 600 of the latest RVs, motor homes, vendors, propane and propane accessories, spacious aisles and live musical entertainment.

Happening no matter what the weather under the vast roof of the International Exposition Center, this is considered the largest indoor show in the country devoted to RVs, campers, vans and caravan craft.

Still a luxury?

In an era of economic recession and foreclosures, should an RV show be considered outrageous luxury, conspicuous consumption?

Not really, as motorhome owners in particular can travel and sojourn at destinations more cheaply than their airline-borne competitors out of Hopkins. Moreover, those who choose to live full-time out of a motorhome do not normally face 30-year mortgages, property value headaches and other homeowner ills.

“Families continue to discover the freedom and flexibility of traveling in an RV,” said Bruce Wolfson, president of the Great Lakes Recreational Vehicle Association (GLRVA). “The Ohio RV Supershow provides an opportunity for attendees to see and learn about all the different RV choices and to see the newest models all under one roof.”

Those who already own an RV get to examine the latest improvements and accessories, right down to insurance policies. Newcomers to the territory can do walk-throughs of both trailer-hitched campers and deluxe, self-powered houses-on-wheels, 34 feet long and better.