Distributor LaSalle Bristol and supplier firms Creation Windows and Bristolpipe earned a total of $14.2 million from operations during 2001, according to Heywood Williams Group PLC, the British parent of the Elkhart, Ind., area firms.
The $14.2 million operating profit earned during 2001 is equivalent to 9.7 million British Pounds at current exchange rates and represents a 47% decline from the 18.4 million pounds in operating earnings reported by Heywood Williams’ U.S. subsidiaries in 2000.
Sales revenue generated by Heywood Williams’ U.S. operations in 2001 totaled $514.6 million in U.S. currency, or 352.4 million pounds, a 3% decline from the year 2000 total.
Heywood Williams had LaSalle Bristol and its other manufactured housing and RV industry-related firms up for sale during much of 2000, but it called off its effort to sell its U.S. businesses late in 2000 because of deteriorating market conditions in both industries.
Even though RV and manufactured home industry market conditions are improving, Heywood Williams has not revived the effort to sell its U.S. businesses, said Larry Campbell, president of LaSalle Bristol Distribution.
Heywood Williams Chairman Hamish Bryce and CEO Ian Stuart used the terms “fragile” and “uncertain” to describe their outlooks for the U.S. RV and manufactured home markets in 2002.