In a move designed to advance the roof protection system for RV manufacturers of and their owners, LaSalle Bristol, a leading supplier of PVC roofing, announced an extension of the XTRM Ply roofing warranty from 12 to 15 years beginning Jan. 1.

According to a press release, XTRM Ply is manufactured by RMA, a leading manufacturer of PVC roofing for the commercial market.

According to the release, XTRM Ply is the top PVC roofing membrane in the RV market since its introduction nearly 10 years ago when LaSalle Bristol and RMA partnered with over 1 million square feet of material installed on over 100,000 RVs. XTRM Ply PVC roofing is recognized for its strength, high solar reflectivity, maintenance free construction and now, an unprecedented 15-year warranty.

“The roof membrane is an extremely important part of any RV and we are seeing a major shift in the marketplace to a more durable, maintenance-free roofing product,” said LaSalle Bristol Product Manager Manual Ponce. “Our OEM customers are finding a lot of value in discussing the features and benefits of XTRM Ply PVC with their dealers. We have a proven track record and we feel the new extended 15-year warranty will really resonate with customers and let them know we stand behind this product.”

“I have been using the PVC roof since 2010 on the Open Range product. It is easy to sell. It has all the good qualities of EPDM and TPO, but not the bad. Low maintenance, more reflective with less heat absorption and a much cleaner look,” stated Randy Graber, vice president of  Highland Ridge RV Inc., a division of Jayco Inc.

“Our product has been in the RV market for close to 10 years and we have just begun to see its impact. Our roofing membrane is a major step above the durability of RV roofs today, and we are continuing to raise the bar in quality. We hope other suppliers follow our lead and the 15-year warranty becomes the new standard in the industry,” explained Mike Satz, president of RMA. 

For more information on XTRM Ply RV roofing, contact LaSalle Bristol at 800-718-7187, www.lasallebristol.com.