A group of homeowners in Upland, Calif., has sued the city to fight the expansion of an RV storage lot on a former city landfill, according to the Los Angeles Times.
The lawsuit, filed in San Bernardino County Superior Court in Rancho Cucamonga, alleges in part that the environmental impact report for the project inadequately analyzed the amount of nighttime glare that would shine from the Dry Dock Depot storage lot’s new lights and into neighboring homes.
The Upland City Council in July allowed a permit to be issued for the use of 10.5 acres adjacent to the storage lot.
Dry Dock owner Frank Robertson plans to pave over the closed landfill to create parking spaces for 658 RVs. Robertson, who has been in business there since 1998, currently has 808 parking spaces in the lot.
The issue is expected to return to the council this fall when it considers a lease, the Times reported.