Editor’s Note: John Horton, CEO of Lazydays RV Center Inc., wrote this letter which appears on the company’s website. 


John Horton

John Horton

This current recession has had a negative impact on nearly every sector of our economy and the RV industry has been particularly hard hit. In light of the challenges that the downturn has presented to us, we have for some time been working with our bondholders to restructure our debt. We believe this financial revamping process will help Lazydays weather the present storm, while positioning our business so we can better serve our customers and ultimately thrive as our country’s economic conditions improve.

Today, September 4, 2009, we announced that we have reached agreement in principle with our floor plan lenders and the majority (in value) of our bondholders on a debt restructuring plan that aims to put us on a sound financial foundation both now and for years to come. Upon receiving approval from the requisite 50% by number of our bondholders, we expect to implement our plan by voluntarily filing to reorganize under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Our Chapter 11 filing will be a “prepackaged” filing; the Company’s financial arrangements will have been pre-negotiated and concluded prior to the filing. We believe this is the most expeditious and efficient way to strengthen our balance sheet without impacting our customers, employees or suppliers in the process.

The debt restructuring is a financial transaction that will not impact the operations of our dealership, nor will it impact your experience here at Lazydays. You can be assured that it is 100% business as usual at Lazydays. We will continue to offer the very best product selection in the industry, supported by our professional sales force and serviced by our skilled technicians. Our customer benefits remain unchanged, including all the services we offer and the warranties we provide.

Most importantly, none of our employees will be affected; we are all here and ready to be of service to you with an even greater energy and passion to take wonderful care of you and all of your RV needs.

Completing this restructuring will make us a much stronger company and ensure our viability for the long term by eliminating our debt and allowing us to invest more in a business that provides the best customer service in the RV industry and the best experience to any RVer in this country.

Please know that we work extremely hard every day to make sure our customers feel like part of our family. Just as every family encounters some difficulties from time to time, so too have we. But not for one minute will we let that affect your experience here at Lazydays. We will work harder than ever to make our family proud.

Our goal is, and always has been, to provide the perfect RV ownership experience. Your purchase of an RV is just the first step in the wonderful journey that makes up the RV lifestyle and we promise to be with you every step of the way. That’s what we have been doing for 33 years and that is what we plan on doing for at least 33 years more.

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