lazydays logoLazydays RV reported strong response to its RV Drive Confidence Course where customers can learn driving basics, tips and techniques from an RV driving expert, while gaining confidence behind the wheel of an RV.

According to a press release, the dealer is marking a milestone as Patricia and Richard Howell of Brandon, Fla., earned the distinction of being the 55,000th Lazydays customer to complete the Lazydays RV Driver Confidence Course. The Howells adopted the RV lifestyle over 10 years ago when they purchased a popup. Since then, they have traded up three times and now own a 32-foot Class A Fleetwood RV Storm that they bought in October of 2014. They enjoy traveling to Florida state parks with six to eight other RVing couples.

According to Patricia Howell, the couple has immediate plans for future long-term trips to Texas and Pennsylvania. They took the course together because they felt it was important that she learn how to drive their RV so that husband, Richard, didn’t have to shoulder the responsibility of long-distance driving alone.

According to Bob Bergeron, Lazydays senior RV driver instructor in Tampa, the course begins with a two-hour classroom training followed by a hands-on-the-wheel instructional session that provides an opportunity for new and seasoned RV owners to sharpen their skills on the RV driving course. The course is available at both Lazydays dealership locations in Tampa, Fla., and Tucson, Ariz.

“It is extremely gratifying to me and my training associates when we witness the joy that the RV lifestyle brings to our customers – it all begins with confidence in driving and knowing how to care for one’s RV,” said Bergeron. “Our classes and seminars  are not only popular with new RV owners but we also have customers attend who have owned their RV for years and have learned about our training program through our service department or by word of mouth.”

While the course is free and is one of the benefits of purchasing an RV directly from Lazydays, it is also available for a nominal fee to those who have purchased their RV from another dealership. One free refresher course is available within a year of first taking the Lazydays RV Driver Confidence Course. Space is limited for the course, and reservations are required by calling (866) 703-3076.

Everyone who completes the training – both classroom training and one driving session – receives an official Lazydays RV Driver Confidence Course certificate. Several insurance companies offer special discounts on RV insurance for those who have completed the Lazydays RV Driver Confidence Course.

Lazydays offers everything one needs to enjoy the RV lifestyle, including many seminars and classes such as introduction to RVing, cooking with a convection oven, along with a look at the chassis, basic RV electricity and electrical protection, and tire safety.

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