Visitors to this year’s Florida State Fair might be forgiven if they believe Lazydays RV just bought the whole property.

As reported by the Tampa Tribune, the RV megadealership on Interstate 4 has just made a significant sponsorship deal with the agency managing the fairground to place the Lazydays brand name all over the property, all year long, and just in time for this year’s state fair, starting Thursday (Feb. 6).

There will be Lazydays signs at the entrances facing U.S. 301 and Orient Road. There will be Lazydays banners on many buildings. There’s already the Lazydays logo on the website for the Florida State Fair for Heroes Day (“Presented by Lazydays”), and Lazydays will park luxury RVs throughout the property during big events as advertisements for the dealership. The dealership will even provide up to 25 RVs on-site during the fair for use by fair staff.

“This is a big deal for us because we’re playing in a marketing discipline that we’ve never played in before,” said John Lebbad, the chief marketing officer of Lazydays, who joined the company in July. “This is really only a starting point, though.”

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