Big and colorful, with aerodynamic designs and interiors like a lavish suite at the Waldorf, a procession of recreational vehicles will roll into designated spaces outside the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game Saturday.

As reported by the Tampa Tribune, brats and burgers are reserved for the tiny hibachi grills in other parking lots. Here, Delmonico steaks will be broiled to perfection and the shrimp cocktails are chilled. Music will boom from state-of-the-art sound systems, and the pregame show is bigger than life on a 60-inch plasma flat-screen.

Lazydays, which bills itself as the world’s largest dealer of recreational vehicles and has a mega outlet in Seffner, Fla., has struck a deal with the Buccaneers and is inviting RV owners from far and wide to tailgate with the company in Lot 14, across Himes Avenue from the north end of the stadium.

The move is a marketing push to catch the attention of a younger, more affluent customer, one on the go, either to the wilderness or cross-country or to football games and NASCAR races. No longer are RVs solely in the yards of rich people who take them on vacations once or twice a year, or retirees eager to travel. The tailgating project is a pry bar into that younger market.

The dealer also has a deal with the University of Florida, reserving parking space at home Gator football games in Gainesville.

“We’re always looking to expand our customer base,” said John Lebbad, chief marketing officer with Lazydays. “The industry has changed. Coming out of the recession, RVs are doing extremely well. More and more people are coming into the RV lifestyle.

“Clearly, the retirees and boomers remain a big part of the RV industry,” he said, “but now we’re seeing Gen Xers and millennials interested in RVs.”

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