Solera slideout sleeve

Lippert Component Inc. reports that its new Solera slideout sleeve and slide topper are being well received in the marketplace.

“The best part about these products is that they can be added as an option at any time to any RV on the market today,” said Lippert Vice President of Sales Andy Murray.

According to a press release, the aftermarket slideout sealing systems work in tandem to protect the roof and sealant on the slideout box from the effects of sun, water and winter conditions.

The Solera slideout sleeve attaches to both the slideroom and the outside wall of the RV, creating a complete seal around the entire slide room. Dust, smoke, leaves, bugs, and debris are blocked by the sleeve against entering the interior of the RV—even when the slideroom is retracted back into the RV.

The slideout topper reduces weight and creates a more streamlined and updated look when the slideout is in the travel position.

Other benefits include:

• There are no mechanical parts to break.

• Velcro strapping eliminates wind issues found with awning toppers and installs easily.

• Water no longer pools on top of the slideout.

• No springs to bend or break.

• Ice slides right off.

Learn more about the Solera Slide-Out Sleeve and Slide Topper from LCI by watching this informational video on YouTube here.