Editor’s Note: The following report by MobileRVing.com, a website hosted by Southeast Publications, offers a look at Leentu’s carbon fiber truck camper.

In one of their video advertisements, truck camper builder Leentu starts with a quote from the Edward Abbey, most famous from his terrific memoir Desert Solitaire. It says, “Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit.” 

With that in mind, Leentu set out to make a tent/truck camper for the Toyota Tacoma, a truck that is not particularly known for its payload. 

“We met working as contractors in San Francisco and became fixated on figuring out a better truck camping solution after some friends came back from a surf trip in Baja complaining about their setup. We wanted to build something that would enable us to maintain the utility of our 9-5 work truck, without compromising the ability to venture off the beaten path and camp on the weekend, all the while living in a city,” Chris Nikitas, cofounder of Leentu. “So we started talking about a rooftop camper and it grew from there.”

Chris Nikitas and Scott Surface started building their first fiberglass truck camper prototype in 2015.  “I had a bit of experience working with composites, so we challenged ourselves to see what we could make and how far we could push it,” Nikitaas  explains.  They started building in Chris’ backyard just a couple blocks from Ocean Beach before moving the operation to a warehouse space in Oakland.  “My neighbors were not happy,” he chuckles, “but once we had it built we took it all over and saw how much it could handle.”  At this point, they knew they had a product that could appeal to a range of consumers.

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