Leisure Holding Inc. has acquired majority interest in RVSales.com LLC, an Internet-based company providing services for private RV buyers and sellers.
According to a press release, Nevada-based Leisure Holding offers a slate of Internet-based services to the outdoor industry through its subsidiaries, including Friend Communications.
RVSales.com helps consumers sell their RVs privately through listing services on its own website, as well as through a network of partnering websites.
“Our new relationship with RVSales.com is a great fit for Leisure Holding, and a great fit for the RV industry in general,” said Gary Pace, president and CEO of Leisure Holding. “Not only does RVSales.com’s model provide a needed service and high value for RV enthusiasts, but the company also creates numerous business opportunities for players across the RV industry.”
Bruce Caico, co-founder and president of RVSales.com, said the firm provides services through dealer partners that bolster the confidence and security of private RV buying and selling transactions. Those services enable dealers to tap into the large, growing private RV sales arena.
“From pre-sales inspection and protection programs to financing and insurance, the RVSales.com network helps improve the buying and selling experiences of consumers,” Caico noted.