The owner of a campground in Hitchcock, Tex., has filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn a new city ordinance that limits the amount of time an RVer can stay in a campground in Hitchcock, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Gene Jones, owner of Gulf Holiday RV Park, filed the suit challenging the ordinance that prohibits on RV from remaining in a campground more than 90 days within a 120-day period, the newspaper reported.

Jones, a retired Houston police officer, bought Gulf Holiday RV Park three years ago when it was the only RV park in Hitchcock, which is near the popular Gulf Coast beachfront town of Galveston.

Now, Hitchcock has five RV parks, and the ordinance restricting lengths of stays was passed to put a cap on further RV park development in the town, according to the Chronicle.

The newest RV campground in Hitchcock is Lily’s by the Bay RV Resort, a high-end property that includes a swimming pool with a waterfall and hot tub and a cable TV connection at every hook-up. It was designed to accommodate diesel pushers in the 40-foot range, the Chronicle reported.

Jones’ facility is 10 years old and was not designed to accommodate larger rigs, and adjoining property, that could be used for an expansion, is not for sale.

So far, Charles Freeman, owner of Lily’s by the Bay, is the only other campground owner in Hitchcock to agree to join Jones in pursuing the lawsuit, the Chronicle reported.

Jones believes Hitchcock would be better off supporting the RV lifestyle because it would encourage more snowbirds to flock to the community and lead to more economic development.