GearWagon 125 camper

GearWagon 125 camper

Let’s Go Aero (LGA), manufacturer of gear transport and outdoor lifestyle products, has introduced its ultralite GearWagon 125 camper. A dual-purpose cargo and camping trailer weighing only 560 pounds, the GearWagon can be pulled by any vehicle including those with Class I, 1,000-pound tow ratings.

The Colorado Springs-based company reported in a press release that the GearWagon 125 camper provides outdoor enthusiasts with 137 cubic feet of cargo carrying capacity for hauling everything from bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs to camping equipment, sporting gear, and lawn and garden tools. For the small car traveler, the GearWagon 125 camper provides a “mobile habitat” that is easily towed by Class I-rated vehicles, with the capacity to pack and transport all the outdoor living gear needed for camping and road trips.

“Well-suited for off-road use, it can carry an ATV or an ATV can pull it. Then, with the ATV removed, GearWagon 125 becomes a bed for sleeping,” said Marty Williams, president of LGA.

Designed to comfortably sleep two with a large storage area below deck, the GearWagon 125 measures 93 inches long, 60 inches wide and 51 inches high and features a durable, twin-wall polyethylene base and an aerodynamic tonneau-cover style lid that keeps cargo dry, secure and out of sight.

Campers can quickly set up for overnight camping using the GearWagon’s expanded tent enclosure, decking panels and leveler kit components. The waterproof, marine-grade fabric tent includes a main body and a vestibule, which expands the traveler’s living and storage space, providing an enclosed entry way over the trailer’s endgate for more gear, family pets, or just sitting comfortably.

To create a platform for positioning a queen size air mattress or to add another level of storage with 500 pounds weight rating, modular, four-panel decking fits along the width of the trailer using the base’s integrated ledge. When not in use, the panels store along the sidewalls of the trailer.

The solar vent feature removes condensation accumulation during the night and prevents mold and mildew from occurring. The solar powered ventilator moves 1,000 cubic feet per hour, and will run for up to 48 hours without sunlight. For leveling and standing when the trailer is off the hitch, the leveler kit consists of two adjustable stabilizer jacks on the rear of the trailer which provide support for sitting on the endgate and standing inside the trailer bed.

To learn more about the GearWagon 125, visit www.LetsGoAero.com, or call (877) 464-2376.